The Orange Frog: A book based upon the book The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor

Whoever Said You Can’t Buy Happiness
Never Read The Orange Frog



“The greatest competitive advantage in the modern economy is a positive and engaged brain”
-Shawn Achor, NY Times Best Selling Author of
The Happiness Advantage and Before Happiness


Bringing Happiness Research to Life at Work!

I am told that most academics have a difficult time translating research to people outside of academia, and that the average scientific journal is read by all of seven people. That means a huge gap exists between what we have actually learned about human potential and what most people know. So I have dedicated my life to helping people bridge this gap by making research understandable, practical and useful in our personal and professional lives.

Sometimes I use graphs at Fortune 500 companies depicting how happiness affects the bottom line. Sometimes, like in my TED talk, I use funny stories like my sister falling off a bunk bed. Sometimes I use case studies of outlier organizations.

And, when I want to make research come to life in a workshop, I use an Orange Frog.

In the learning process, I believe narratives are crucial if we want to move from information to transformation.

In that spirit, Spark was born.






What People Are Saying About The Orange Frog

A great book that will help the reader realize the power of Orange in the workplace!!”

Debra Flores, President/Administrator
Sentara CarePlex Hospital


The concepts and suggestions are simple, yet powerful, and it’s because they are simple that they are appealing. The Orange Frog gave me a renewed energy personally and professionally at a time I needed it most!”

Beth James, Human Resources Director
Applied Research Associates


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